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Rep. Filler: House committee approves ‘Taylor Swift’ bills to protect consumers
RELEASE|June 18, 2024
Contact: Graham Filler

Bipartisan plan protects people against ticket bots that drive up prices

State Rep. Graham Filler and the House Regulatory Reform Committee today voted to approve his bipartisan plan to combat the rampant use of automated bots like the ones that scooped up tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, driving up prices.

Dubbed by some as the “Taylor Swift” bills, the measures would safeguard Michiganders from the tactics employed by ticket bot operators who buy up tickets to sought-after events then resell the tickets at astronomical prices. Filler is sponsoring the legislation alongside Rep. Mike McFall, D-Hazel Park.

“We need to put an end to the exploitation and greed that has plagued event ticket sales for far too long,” said Filler, R-Duplain Township. “Our plan strikes directly at the heart of these unscrupulous ticket bots that rob fans of the chance to see their favorite artists and drive prices to outrageous levels.”

Despite existing federal regulations meant to ban the use of bots, enforcement has proven largely ineffective, leaving consumers vulnerable to exploitation.

Under House Bills 5661-5662, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office would be empowered to pursue legal action against individuals or groups found guilty of circumventing online ticket purchasing limits through the use of automated bots. The legislation includes fines of up to $5,000 per ticket fraudulently obtained.

The plan builds upon the work of previous Michigan legislators, who addressed this serious consumer protection situation in 2020 with changes to state law. It also follows in the footsteps of Arizona, which recently enacted a similar measure, signaling a growing national consensus on the need for robust anti-bot legislation.

“The goal is to put a stop to these unfair practices, ensuring that tickets are accessible and affordable for everyone in Michigan,” Filler said. “Our plan takes a needed step toward fairness and transparency, ensuring that people can access the events they love without being gouged. By making our state more event-friendly, we can also boost tourism and attract more people to our festivals and events, ultimately strengthening our economy.”

House Bills 5661-5662 now advance to the full House of Representatives for further consideration.


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